14K Gold Plated Devil's Eye Titanium Steel Necklace

14K Gold Plated Devil's Eye Titanium Steel Necklace

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14K Gold Plated Devil's Eye Titanium Steel Necklace

This evil eye pendant necklace is meant to ward off the evil eye curse. It is believed that the evil eye curse can occur when someone gives a glare with negative intentions, such as jealousy or anger. Wearing an evil eye charm is said to protect you and prevent the evil eye curse from happening!his gold plated evil eye necklace is perfect for everyday wear or on special occasions and looks great layered!

Product specification:

Material: Stainless steel;Cubic zirconia
Treatment process: 14K gold plated
Style: Western style
Popular element: Metal

Returns & Exchanges

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Precautions for wearing

  • Separately sealed storage: If you do not wear jewelry for a long time, you need to wipe it clean and put it in the free sealed bag to avoid friction and damage to the jewelry.
  • Avoid wearing while swimming: keep the jewelry dry to prevent oxidation, wipe it clean in time after it gets wet.
  • Avoid contact with chemicals: Chemicals are prone to chemical reactions with accessories, so they should be used before wearing.
  • Avoid collision and friction with hard objects
  • Avoid wearing it for a long time when sweating: sweat contains fatty acids, urea, etc., which are corrosive to jewelry.